Stone Age Live - Model Horse Show 2018

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Host: Emma Jezek
              Trad/Classic/Mini Halter - Anna Uren
              Performance - Cassie Thomas


1. TB/STB 
2. Warmbloods 
3. American Sport (North/Central/South) 
4. European/Other Sport 
5. Carriage 
 6. Arabian 
7. Part-Arab/NSH 
8. Spanish
9. American Gaited Breeds 
10. Other Light/Gaited 
11. British/UK Draft 
12. European Draft 
13. American/Other Draft 
14. Welsh Pony & Cob (all sections) 
15. Other UK Pony 
16. European/Australian/African/Asian 
17. North/South American Pony 
18. Other Pony 
19. Quarter Horse 
20. Paint 
21. Appaloosa 
22. Mustang (all types) 
23. Other Stock 
Long-Ear/Other Pure 
24. Donkey/Mule 
25. Zebra/Other Primitive Breed 
26. Mixed/Grade/Other Pure 
27. Sport Breed Foals 
28. Light/Gaited/Spanish Breed Foals 
29. Draft Breed Foals 
30. Pony Breed Foals 
31. Stock Breed Foals 
32. Long-Ear/Other Foals 
CM/AR Breed (by entrant only) 
33. Sport Breed 
34. Light/Gaited/Spanish Breed 
35. Draft Breed 
36. Pony Breed 
37. Stock Breed 
38. Long-Ear/Other (Pure/Mix/Etc.) 
39. Unrealistic 
40. Decorator
41. Fantasy 
42. Other Animal 

OF YOUTH MINI DIVISION (Pebbles, Corral Pal, Schleich, Stablemate, Chip, Micro) 

1. Sport Breeds 
2. Light Breeds 
3. Gaited Breeds 
4. Spanish Breeds 
5. Draft Breeds
6. Pony Breeds 
7. Stock Breeds 
8. Long-Ear/Other Breeds 
9. Foals 
10. CM/AR (by entrant only) 
11. Fantasy 
12. Other Animal 
13. Performance 

*Misc. classes (in Trad/Classic and Mini) do not count towards Overall Grand Champion. 
There will be no Section Champion for this division. 1st/2nd place entries in each (breed) section qualify for Section Champions. 
Section Grands qualify for Overall Grand Champion.


1. English Event 
2. Dressage 
3. English Pleasure 
4. Other English 
 5. Western Event 
6. Western Trail 
7. Western Pleasure 
8. Other Western 
Misc. Performance
 9. Costume/Parade (does NOT need to be realistic; i.e.- Holiday Horses
10. Showmanship 
11. Gymkhana 
12. Any Other Performance 
13. Realistic Scene 
14. Unrealistic Scene 

**1st/2nd place entries in each section qualify for Section Champions. **
All Section Champions qualify for Overall Performance Grand Champion.

Halter Guidelines
  • Please use hang tags on your horses. On the front of the tag should be listed the breed and gender of your horse; on the back of the tag should be the horse’s name and your three initials. Example: "POA / M" (front) | "Sheza Mane-iac / ETJ" (back)
• Breed documentation is required for horses of uncommon breeds and colors. (i.e.: a pinto Thoroughbred requires documentation on color, as Thoroughbreds are not usually pinto. A Campolina is a breed that most judges may not know, so documentation is required here, as well.) Small breed books are great for this, or you may use up to an 8 ½”x11” sheet of paper. 
• Division Definitions (according to o Original Finish (OF)- An original finish plastic, china, or factory resin is a mass-produced model in its original state as released by the manufacturer. Models may be repaired or restored to the original state, although a judge may penalize any visible repair at his/her discretion. Any alteration to a model beyond original state disqualifies it from the OF division; this includes, but is not limited to, added gloss on eyes, hooves, mane/tail, or any other part of model; added, improved, or altered markings; and any substance applied to change or enhance the original color or texture. 
  • Custom Finish (CM)- A custom model is a one-of-a-kind created by altering an OF model, whether plastic, factory resin, china, or other material. Any alteration from original factory finish means a model is customized. A custom model may be repainted with or without hair or sculpted mane and tail, re positioned, have body parts re-sculpted or replaced, or be created from two or more models. 
  •  Artist Resin (AR)- An artist resin is a casting of a unique work. Artist resins may be finished by the original artist or by another artist; may be altered from the original casting; may have sculpted or hair manes and tails. Regardless of who finished the model or how altered, if the underlying body is an artist resin, the model should be shown in the Artist Resin division.
 • All horses must have a named breed on their tag. “Pony,” “Draft,” “Mixed,” “Warmblood,” for example, are not breeds and won’t be judged. Please state a specific breed. For mixed types, please state the breeds the horse is a mix of. 
• Please gender your horses appropriately. Children under 18 are not allowed to show stallions; foals must be referred to as “Colt” or “Filly.” 
• Entrants are allowed up to three horses per class. For every extra horse, please place $1.00 next to it in the ring and it will be judged. 
• Judges have the right to split classes if necessary. If a class is split, it will count as two separate classes (i.e.: “Quarter Horse” being split into “Quarter Horse Mares” and “Quarter Horse Geldings”) and winners of both classes will be eligible for section grand/reserve. 

Performance Guidelines 
  • Entries are limited to either a 24”x24” or 18”x30” space. Over fences and stock work (team penning, roping, etc.) may use a 24”x30” space if necessary. 
• Prop horses and animals are allowed, but only one horse may be tagged. 
• Documentation for all performance classes is not required, but highly encouraged, whether it is an explanation, photo, diagram, or pattern. You may use up to an 8 ½”x11” piece of paper. 
• Horses used in performance may cross-enter into halter. 
• No class is required to have a rider/handler. 
• At the end of each section, please bring up your first place horses. The set-ups themselves do not need to come up- just the horses with their ribbons. 
• A horse may show in up to three performance classes. Please notify the judge if you are in need of a tack change. Set-up may take as long as entrants deem necessary (within reason). When set-up is finished, the class will be judged. 
• Showmanship entries are required to have a halter with lead. 
• Other Performance includes any event that doesn’t belong in the other classes, such as: flat racing, steeplechase, polo, endurance, vaulting, any harness entry, bareback, sidesaddle, etc.
 • Dressage entries must have a proper dressage test and show which movement the horse is executing. This class does not include Prix Caprilli entries. 
• Any over-fences entry must include a jump
  • Western Trail includes both Arena/Natural trail; English Arena/Natural trail will be in English Event. 
  • Gymkhana includes all games ridden in both a Western (barrel racing, poles, etc.) or English (Housewife Scurry, Cup Race, Ride-a-Buck, etc.) saddle. 
  • Costume/Parade includes any type of entry you would see in a parade or a costume contest. Christmas horses in costume are allowed to enter this class, but realistic entries (i.e.: Arabian costume, Native American costume) are highly encouraged. 
  •  Any entry with stock work must have the appropriate livestock. 
  •  Western Event includes entries such as reining, stock work, roping, team penning, cutting, etc. 
  •  English Event includes entries such as cross country, show jumping, hunter over fences, etc. 
  •  Both CM and OF horses may show in performance. 

General Guidelines
• No running in the show hall. If the judge calls for any other entries before closing a class and you are not ready, simply call out to them from your table. 
The class will be held while you bring up your entry. 
• It is the entrant’s responsibility to make sure all horses have their tags. If there is a horse in the ring without a tag, a brief description of the horse will be announced and you will be allowed to come up and retag your horse.
 • Please be considerate of others while setting up entries. Do not block other entries so that the judge cannot get a clear view of them. Notify someone if you cannot find a space for your model. We will work out an overflow table or split the class if necessary.
 • Please do not linger around the rings when a class is being judged. Once the class closes, move away from the ring so the judge has clear access to the table.
 • Announcements will be made for when classes are called up. Each class will have an initial call, a second call, and then the class will be closed. Entrants are not allowed to bring up their horses once the class is closed.
 • If a judge sees a model in the wrong class or has a question about your horse, they will either call you up, ask to see you after the class, or place a sticky note beside your model. 
• If you lay a horse down on the table, you are giving the judge your permission to pick it up and judge it accordingly. 
• If you have questions, feel free to email us at [email protected]. Please try to get all of your questions answered before show day as the judges and stewards will be very busy setting up and may not have time to answer all of your questions.
 • The Youth division is intended for entrants 17 and under. HOWEVER, if a younger entrant feels they are confident enough to enter the Open division, they may do so. The Youth division is NOT NAN qualifying. 
• Please remember that judging is subjective and opinion-based. Every model has a chance to win and the focus of this show should be to enjoy the competition, celebrate your accomplishments, and show good sportsmanship.